Presence is Power:
Develop Your Executive Presence to Boost Professional Success

Checkout GlobalGyan's Executive Presence Program for Mid-Level Managers.

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There’s a saying in leadership,
“All the important decisions about you will be made when you’re not in the room.” 

Why Executive Presence is a Must-Have Skill for Today's Professionals?


Executive presence makes up 26% of what will take a leader to the next level


98% of current leaders developed their executive presence—because they weren’t born with it


Professionals without executive presence struggle to establish credibility with their colleagues, managers, and stakeholders. 


Professionals without executive presence find it difficult to influence others and gain buy-in for their ideas or proposals.

"Lack of executive presence can prove to be a significant barrier for growth, opportunities, relationships, revenue, confidence and even job satisfaction"

If you Aspire to be a Leader
Join GlobalGyan's Executive Presence Program

A blended learning program specially designed for managers who want to ensure high visibility and consideration

8 Weeks Program

Designed in consideration with busy routine of working professionals

Top Faculty

An established authority on executive presence and also the author of the book 'Supercharge Your Executive Presence'(which will be given to all participants) - Suman Addepalli

4 Virtual Live Sessions 

Every session of 2 hours duration will engage partcipants with case studies and role plays

4 Hours Pre-Work

Pre-work in the digital learning format to prepare for the live sessions

Application Assignment

Post all the 4 live sessions, participants work on a project indivdually! After all it's YOUR executive presence

Completion Certificate

On successful completion of the Program you will be certified by GlobalGyan Academy

Who should not miss joining this Program?

Mid-level Managers

with 8+ years of experience, across all functions

Program Managers

tasked with cross-functional coordination

Aspiring Leaders

need to accelerate their growth and stuck careers

Discover the Essential Skills and Strategies to Build a Powerful Executive Presence

Executive presence is all about your ability to inspire confidence in others. The program gurantees 5 focused learning outcomes 

Identify your sources of Authority (even without Power)

Learn how to Influence at three levels, appropriate to context

Learn to effectively communicate your knowledge and authenticity

Deal with resistance, objections and excuses

Build your credibility as a professional 

25,000 + professionals from Leading Corporates have experienced our programs

25,000 + professionals from top corporates have been part of GlobalGyan's learning programs.  We are recognised for our program design, industry experts and a unique methodology which provided professionals an exceptional learning experience

Transform Your Leadership Style with a Top Executive Presence Coach

  • Recently launched her book ' SuperCharge Your Executive Presence'
  • Founder, NotJustAunty Content & Marketing Services
  • Certified Mindfulness Coach
  • Former CMO, GlobalGyan Academy
  • Former Programming Head, Radio Mirchi, Mumbai
  • MBA, NMIMS, Mumbai
  • PG Diploma in Journalism and Masscomm, XIC, Mumbai

Our Learners Speak Highly of Suman

“Indeed a great learning experience where I got the opportunity to learn things that are not taught anywhere” 

Rallis India

“Thank you, Suman. Had a good learning

Lead HR, Tata Chemicals

Bonuses you unlock with this program

A self-paced interactive course designed by Usha Rangarajan, a leading leadership coach. 

Checkout the course here

All participants to recieve a signed copy of the book on ' Supercharge Your Executive Presence' by Suman Addepalli

Program Details

7th August 2023

24th August 2023

Program Fee: INR 11,800 (incl. taxes)

Building Executive Presence is a crucial enabler to both professional and personal growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to learn from this program?

As participant you will learn how to enhance your mindset and behaviors to expand your presence as an impactful leader

You will learn

  • How to understand the critical principles of effective leadership
  • How to apply strategic consideration to networking opportunities as well as build and maintain authentic connections
  • How to construct a personal leadership narrative to set actionable goals
How is the program structured?

The program is structured in 3 parts

Part 1: Digital learning pre-work which launches on 7th Aug. 

Part 2: 4 Virtual Live Sessions with the Facilitator, starting 24th Aug

Part 3: Assignment after the 3rd virtual live session.

How long does the program last?

Program is designed for 8-10 weeks. 


Is the program offered online or in-person?

Program is offered in an online mode with live sessions from the facilitator.

What is the cost of the program?

Per participant program fee is 11,800 (incl. of taxes)

For, bulk enrollments from a corporate, volume discount will be offered.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?

Yes, definately. On successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from GlobalGyan Academy.

What kind of time commitment is required for the program?

Program is designed in consideration to the working hours of the professionals. 

Participants will have 18 days to complete the digital learning pre-work of 4 hours duration. 

For each of the 4 - virtual live sessions, participants will have to devote 2 hours on the respective session days.

Will there be any follow-up support after the program ends?

Post the final virtual live session, participants will be provided with necessary support for the assignment. 

Can I apply what I learn in this program to other areas of my life outside of work?

Yes, why not. Executive presence is applicable in both professional and personal life. You will surely observe a change in your self once you start working on developing your executive presence. 

What makes this book extremely relevant is that many traditional leadership coaching programs tend to overlook the competencies covered in this book, or assume that professionals have already mastered them.

While the book delves deep into the theory and frameworks, the LIVE Executive Presence classes offer exclusive interactive exercises and practical concepts that cannot be covered in the book. To make the most of this stimulating program, you are requested to give importance to both theory and practical work.